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VA Beach Sunrise 5-25-99


  This could describe a beach.
    But there is so much more.
  Soothing to the soul.
    Watching the waves come to shore
      And pulling the sand out to sea again.
Closing ones eyes and absorbing the sounds
  And the scents of the salt air.....
The pounding of the waves to shore.
  You respect the power of the ocean
    And know there is so much more than you see   
      on the surface.
The mystery of the ocean.
  The secrets it holds in its deep waters.
What is out there.......
  Its only communication is the sounds of the 
    waves crashing to shore.
Mysteries that may never be told.
  I feel drawn to the beach.
    Hypnotized by its vast size and what secrets 
      it holds.
Spending hours just watching in wonder.
  Letting the salt air blow thru my hair.
    Breathing in the clean salt air.
There is only one word that can describe it.......

God Bless America
Truly Madly Deeply POW~MIA
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