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In memory of...
Never to forget


These are a few poems I've wrote.

I hope you enjoy them.

The following are poems Ive wrote
and created webpages for each:

The Autumn of Our Lives
The Lighthouse in the Harbor
Winter Rain


Life is made of a lot of twists and turns.
When you are young you dream of the life you will have
You unfortunately must see pain along the way.
A friend you have today might be gone by the next.
No one wants to lose contact with that one.
Its life unfortunately it happens.
You dream of love....sharing you life...making a family.
One day you can have the entire world in your hands.
And within an hour, minute, second you can feel that
world slipping away from you.
You can always count on the changes in our lives.
That is the only thing you are able to count on.
But there are some changes that are welcome....
The meeting of a new friend....a new love.
The changes you experience with someone...
share the heatache....the joys.
Sometimes changes are what you are hoping,
praying, longing for.....
Changes that can bring sorrow
Are the changes that brings the happiness back into your life
If not for changes it wouldnt bring you into my life.


Is such a small word that means so much
It doesnt matter where they come from
The come in all shapes and forms.
Sometimes they are the only thing you can count on
They take you faults and all.
They dont judge you
They are to share the good times
Give you a shoulder to cry on in the bad times.
I feel very thankful to have a friend like you.


Love and pain unfortunately goes hand and hand.
Love is like a beautiful mountain.....
with lots of flowers on it.
Hurt is a desert where you have no where to go.
You must have the pain of past loves
to truly appreciate the love you have found now.
You must go thru the desert to reach the mountain.
You must walk the desert alone.....
but when you reach the mountain
you can take the hand of the one you love
and climb it together.
Each step you take together bonds the two hearts into one.
When you reach the mountain top with your one true love
No one can ever make you walk the desert again.
You have reached the top of the world....
The desert is a faint memory of the past.
©August 1997


Some hearts meet and pass on by.....with nothing more
than a normal steady beat.
But, sometimes there is something so amazing, that
words could never describe the feeling.
The racing of the heart............the excitement of
wonderful things that come.
The not knowing what it means. Wanting to understand
but then maybe not. Not wanting to question why or how.
Hoping, wishing but knowing the feeling will never go away.
Wanting it to grow more deeper and intense as time goes by.
Isnt life a funny thing, a computer becomes a major
part that brings two hearts together.
Two hearts reaching out across the miles,
so far but yet so close.
The two hearts meeting and touching together as if
pieces of a puzzle is coming together.
Making a picture and a life together.
But when our two hearts meet,
they will soon become as one.

IF I COULD......

If I could KISS your cares away,
If I could make you HAPPY everyday.
If I could take away the pain thats ever been,
I know you would never be lonely again.
If FATE had a hand in bring us together,
I know I could LOVE you FOREVER and EVER.
If only one day we could meet,
Then I know my life would be complete.


You're running thru my mind.
Feelings grow deeper.
Wanting you to hold me in your arms,
so tightly yet so gently.
Anxiously waiting for your lips to meet mine.
Heart pounding so hard in chest.
Mouth dry as the excitement grows within.
WANTING, NEEDING your touch.
Wanting our bodies to be as one.
Working our bodies so well together, as music does to song.
Needing your lips, needing your hands, arms, legs.....
Oh, just needing the entire you.

Rain In Our Lives

The rain comes down as the tears flow
As the rain cleanse the world around us....
so does the tears cleanse the heart.

Thru love there are tears...
of happiness.....of sorrow.......
of pain..........of wonderment...

Sometimes some see the pain too often
Never seeing the true happiness that love brings.
Its not the wanting of but the finding of it.
Hungrey for the sharing and caring of love.
The needing of loves caress upon the heart.

Wanting the tears to go away
Wanting to see the pain flow away....
Like the rain that runs along the window pane.

Needing so much.....needing the touch of love.
Needing the touch of the closeness....
That can only be shared between two people.

Wanting only the rain that nourish the land...
Not the rain in your heart that pain brings.
The best part of the rain is when its over....
There is a rainbow waiting....
That rainbow is the end of all the pain and longing...
That rainbow is love between the two.
~~~Cindy Johnson~~~


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©1997~2007 Cynthia G. Johnson

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