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The Autumn of Our Lives

Our Lives are similiar to a tree
A seed is planted.....A new life begins
It grows to be strong but things in life can make it weak.
There are some that try to tear it down
To take the beauty it projects and turn it into an empty
The strong stands and survives the storm.

It branches out and shares its life to the world around.
It can touch so many lives in its lifetime.
Each season brings together the circle of life.
With Autumn the beauty comes shining through
The beauty of knowing with each leaf that falls....
It will shed the ugliest of the past.
It rests in the winter so it can be re-born in the spring.

That like the tree our lives can be re-newed.....
with the coming of the spring.
We can bend with the troubles that come our way
With knowing that there is always a spring.
~Cindy Johnson~

God Bless America
Truly Madly Deeply POW~MIA
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2000~2001 Cynthia G. Johnson