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Winter Rain

The rain is falling on this cold winter day.
The wind is blowing with all its might.
I can hear the rain against my window.
The ice is forming and clinging on the trees.
I am laying here on my sofa wrapped up in a soft blanket.
The sounds of the rain coming down fills the emptiness.
I am daydreaming of someone special.
I need a best friend and a lover
Someone that can share my hopes & dreams.
Someone to hold me and snuggle real close.
I sigh; it would be nice to share this blanket.
Is it Sunday?
Honey, lets get some coffee, the newspaper, & meet you on the sofa.
Who gets the comics first!? Playing tug a war with the funnies.
Lying together, warm and cozy.
As we drift off to sleep, the rain now plays a peaceful tune.
Isn't it funny
How emptiness can turn to happiness...
When you are with the one you love?

1997~2007 Cynthia G. Johnson